The world's most hyper-deflationary token, building an ecosystem of important utility products, to power projects on the Avalanche network.

Contract Address: 0x2f4FC16308Be09e7611a047B9576881Eb5298dD6


The goal of Snow Burn is to reduce the circulating supply from 1,000,000,000,000,000 tokens to just 1 token, where holders will hold only fractions. The main feature to power this will be our revolutionary 1-1 burn mechanism, where for every transaction buy or sell, an equal number of tokens is automatically sent to the dead wallet by the contract. There will also be manual buy-back and burns which will be funded by revenue from our utility products. This will ensure an ever rising token price due to the rapid reduction of circulating supply.


70% of the intial supply will be allocated to our Snow Burner contract, enabling our 1-1 burning mechanism.

To battle bots on launch day, we implemented a sell tax curve which starts at 25% and reduces itself to a constant 15% tax, 24 hours after token launch.

There will be a cap on wallet holdings 0.2% of supply to prevent whales.

And finally, holders receive automatic reflection in our native token BURN, from each buy and sell transaction.

You'll be able to check the current burn, your BURN holdings, reflections and your current selling tax on our Dashboard.



Provide real time data on Avalanche projects, recommend projects to users through customized algorithms and allow Telegram integration through our API


Become the leading liquidity locker on the Avalanche Network


Avalanche Network focused LaunchPad with a KYC platform


Creative an innovate decentralized exchange for seamless swaps


Propose automated vesting contracts for projects



Phase 1

  • Website and Social Media launches
  • Pre-launch soft marketing campaign
  • Official stealth launch on Trade Joe
  • Audit by CerTik
  • Influencer and YouTuber Partnerships

Phase 2

  • Listing on CoinMarketCap
  • Listing on CoinGeko
  • DexTool Ads + PooCoin Ads
  • Snow Locker launch
  • Snow Vest

Phase 3

  • Twitter Ads
  • Snow Tracker launch
  • Exchange listing

Phase 4

  • Huge Marketing Campaign featuring ads, twitter influencers and YouTubers to announce the Snow Swap Dex launch.
  • Snow Swap launch
  • Airdrops to encourage adoption of Snow Protocol products
  • High profile partnership launches on Snow Launch
  • Stealth Launch of mystery Snow Protocol product

Buying Snow Burn

A lot of investors are new to Avalanche, so we will make the steps below detailed but simple so you can join the BurnArmy with ease!

Set up a MetaMask Wallet

In order to buy BURN tokens on a DEX (decentralized exchange), you will need to have a decentralized wallet. Metamask is our recommended choice. When setting up your MetaMask wallet, you will receive a 12 word “Seed Phrase” which can be used to access and recover your wallet from any device in the future. DO NOT share your seed phrase with anyone. Write it down, and store it in a secure place. Here is a link to download MetaMask (the Chrome Extension is recommended).

Add the Avalanche Network to your MetaMask.

After you have your MetaMask set up, you will notice that the Ethereum Network is set up by default. The next step is to add the Avalanche Network to your MetaMask. To do this, follow the instructions as outlined here.

Buy and send AVAX tokens to your MetaMask

Now that you have the Avalanche Network set up with your Metamask, it’s time to add funds to your wallet. You can go ahead and buy AVAX tokens on any CEX (centralized exchange), such as Coinbase, and send them to your MetaMask wallet. You can find your Metamask wallet address in the Chrome Extension.

Some CEX may only support X Chain Avalanche but Metamask uses C Chain, so make sure to only use C Chain when choosing the network, For help to convert from X Chain to C Chain, Avalanche provides a detailed guide here:

Swap AVAX tokens for BURN on a DEX (TraderJoe)

You have reached the final steps. Now that you have AVAX on your MetaMask wallet, you can swap it for BURN tokens using the TraderJoe DEX. A trading window pair will also be added to our website to make this easier.

Connect your wallet to TraderJoe, and swap AVAX for BURN. The recommended slippage to reduce errors and failed transactions should be between 20-25%. Gas fees will also be needed, so we recommend having an extra 0.10 AVAX to cover for this.


SnowBurn is the first hyper-deflationary coin built on the Avalanche network with automatic reflection.
Prior to launch, we'll share our contract and liquidity lock link, shortly after launch we'll get multiple audit companies to review our code.
Simply by holding our native token $BURN
Rewards distribution is mostly based on volume, you can expect to receive your free $BURN every 2 hours or so.